iPhone 13 Screen Repair

iPhone 13 serisi ön cam değişimi

iPhone 13 Screen Repair

iPhone 13 Screen Repair

Apple continues its tradition in model naming, and after the iPhone 13, other members of the series come as iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. While the iPhone 13 mini appeals to women or those who prefer a smaller screen, the performance-oriented iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is again at the top, manages to exceed expectations. In our article, we discuss the issue of iPhone 13 screen replacement.
Before the iPhone 13 screen replacement reached TEKNOWAY, a clear answer about the problem in your device is given after the fault finding process of our expert technicians. After the free fault detection process, mobile phone screen replacement is made if deemed necessary. iPhone 13 screen replacement is completed by trained and experienced Apple technicians in a very short time, such as 15 minutes to 1 hour, with original parts and professional equipment. We would like to underline that there will be no difference in the touch speed, touch sensitivity and screen brightness of your device after the screen replacement.

iPhone 13 Replacement, Repair and Service

The iPhone 13 uses an OLED display, which Apple calls Super Retina XDR. In other words, iPhone 13 screen repair means OLED screen replacement or Super Retina XDR screen replacement. Although the iPhone 13 comes with a solid screen and body, it is not possible to avoid screen damage due to drops and impacts. In some cases, many different problems may occur such as screen cracking, screen breakage or liquid contact, black spot on the screen, ink leakage on the screen, or a green line on the screen. In order to eliminate these problems, the need for a screen replacement may arise. Note that replacing the iPhone 13 screen with the original is a must. Otherwise, you may cause more serious problems on your device that are irreversible.

iPhone 13 Apple service screen replacement price is quite high. The plus sides of Apple services are the original screen, high quality workmanship and guaranteed repair of the device. However, instead of paying high amounts for iPhone 13 screen replacement, you can also have a screen replacement with sensible solutions at reliable special services such as TEKNOWAY. It is possible to restore the iPhone 13 to its original state by getting reliable technical service advice.

iPhone 13 Super XDR screen replacement should be done with OLED screens. The iPhone 13 original screen price on the Pocket Market is much more affordable. In addition, original, revised, second-hand and used screens can also be the cheapest solution. Revised screens are professionally repaired screens and can be used safely on iPhone 13.

Your iPhone 13 screen replacement process will be completed within the same hour on the same day. Thus, you will not stay away from your mobile phone for a long time, and you will not experience any disruption in your daily life or work.
In iPhone 13 screen replacement, we definitely use the original screen. Non-original parts can cause irreversible damage and lead to costly repairs. Reliable service understanding is valid in all areas of our business, so the use of original parts is one of the issues we care about.

Why Teknoway Screen Replacement Service?

With our experience of 16 years and our expert technicians, we offer fast and safe technical service in screen replacement and screen repair without compromising high quality. Screen replacement of a damaged or broken mobile phone is one of the most important processes in mobile phone repair.
The trained and experienced teams in TEKNOWAY can make fast and guaranteed screen replacements of all models of all brands in the smartphone market. If there is a problem with your screen, regardless of the brand of your phone, you can get same day screen replacement service within the city with free fault detection and free two-way shipping service. If you are not in a position to reach our service, you can send your device to us from anywhere in Turkey without any question mark in your mind. We can replace the screen of your device on the same day and ship it to you to send it back to you.

Iphone 13 Screen Repair


Face ID After iPhone 13 Screen Replacement

In cases where the iPhone 13 screen is damaged and a screen replacement is required, the Face ID feature can work again without being affected. If Face ID works before screen replacement but does not work after screen replacement, it is because of an incorrect operation during screen replacement. Face ID feature can be made available again in screen changes made in Apple Stores and only in the Mobile Market store.
Face ID technology can also be damaged by the device being dropped or impacted. Although the Face ID system seems to work with the front camera, it also depends on different parts.

What Should We Pay Attention To After Screen Replacement?

• Beauty of Colors
• Number of Resolutions
• Touch Speed
• Battery Duration
• Being Durable
• No Heating
• No Sideways Lift
• Not getting caught in the joints
• Face ID
• Sensors

Although screen replacement becomes easier with increasing knowledge and experience, it is a difficult process. For a problem-free and happy screen replacement, you should work with an expert technical service. If you need iPhone 13 screen replacement or technical service, we recommend you to visit our TEKNOWAY store and technical service.

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