Cell Phone Repair Places

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Cell Phone Repair Places

Cell Phone Repair Places

The inability of users to use their cell phones, which are indispensable in their daily and business lives, due to any malfunction occurring on their phones, negatively affects their lives. In such cases, users think that they will be separated from their cell phones for days when they take their phones to the technical service. Contrary to this misconception, you can entrust your phone without hesitation to Teknoway, which ranks first among the cell phone repair places working with fast screen replacement and service understanding that does not compromise on quality.

With its 16 years of experience and professional team, Teknoway is the best technical service in Kadikoy and we repair many brands and models in the market, from Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi cell phones to Oppo, Realme, LG, One Plus General Mobile and Reeder phones. At Teknoway, we have experienced repairmen for each brand.

We are a technical service that believes that creating trust in what we do is more important than anything else. Because users always want to leave their phones to a service they trust. Trust is only gained by providing customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is our biggest source of motivation in this business.

Repairing Instead of Buying New Phones

The high prices paid for cell phones nowadays lead users to choose the repair option instead of buying a new one when their cell phone is damaged. Having a cell phone repaired is always the primary solution for users, so the quality of the service and work offered is of great importance. As Teknoway, we offer the phone repair service we provide with the use of original parts at affordable prices and above average repair speed. In this way, we stand out as one of the attractive mobile phone repair centers by customers. As a result of the respect we have for our work and our customers, we are one of the technical services with the best cell phone repair reviews. This creates trust on the customer side and makes customers prefer us.

Fast Phone Repair

Teknoway has become a reliable and sought-after company with its fast and high quality services since the day it started to provide mobile phone technical service in 2006. Our technical service is one of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to iPhone phone technical service and Samsung phone technical service in the Kadıköy region of Istanbul Anatolian Side with its expert technicians. In Teknoway, which has a strong location at the point of Kadıköy phone technical service, repair operations are completed as soon as possible after free fault detection. Thus, you will not be separated from your cell phone for a long time and you will not experience any disruption in your daily life or work.

Special Service Approach for Each Brand

Teknoway provides repair services for all other cell phone brands and models in the market, especially brands such as Apple iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, General Mobile, Oppo, Realme. As 2022 phone repair prices, we offer the most affordable prices to our customers and we continue services such as same day repair and repair with free shipping within Istanbul.

Trained and experienced teams in Teknoway provide fast and guaranteed repair services for every model of all brands in the smartphone market. The fact that we use brand and model-specific original parts in phone repair operations is an indication of the value and importance we attach to both our work and our customers.

Cell Phone Screen Replacement

In Teknoway, mobile phone screen replacement is performed quickly and reliably by expert and experienced technicians with original parts. After the screen replacement, the touch sensitivity of your device and the vividness of the screen return to the first day’s performance. The data on your device is not deleted.

Screen replacements in our service are completed on the same day within the same hour. The service we offer for screen replacement includes internal screen, front glass and touch area replacements. If there is no problem with the touch or other functions of your screen, if there is only a screen fracture, screen crack or screen scratch, windshield replacement will be sufficient for screen repair. In our service, windshield replacement of iPhone and Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei phones can be done.

Remember that you may encounter problems after screen replacement due to a wrong operation. After screen repair in Teknoway, your phone returns to its original state and continues to offer the image quality of the first day. After the screen replacement, the touch speed, sensitivity and image quality of the screen will not be different from the first day.

After our high quality phone screen replacement service, you will have no question marks in your mind about the screen quality of your phone. Screen replacements in our service are completed between 15 minutes and 1 hour.

You can bring your device to our service in Kadıköy district of Istanbul for screen replacement, regardless of the brand of your phone, you can get screen replacement service on the same day in the city with free diagnostics and free two-way shipping service. For this, simply use the ARAS KARGO 1023788446 contract number. Screen replacement is done on the same day for devices sent by cargo.

Cell Phone Repair Places

Cell Phone Case Replacement

Damage to cell phones as a result of the impact they receive may result in the need for case replacement. Cell phone cases may be scratched, broken, dented or peeling paint depending on the degree of impact. Teknoway returns the cosmetic appearance of your cell phone to its original state with A quality case replacement.  Your information is not deleted during the case replacement and your phone is delivered to you within half an hour on average.

Cell Phone Camera Replacement

Cell phone camera replacement may be required as a result of a problem such as the camera not working due to damage, opening as a black screen, shooting blurry, flash not working or freezing. After the camera replacement, your phone becomes indistinguishable from the first day’s performance thanks to the new A quality rear camera installed. During the camera replacement process at Teknoway, the information and contacts on the device are not deleted and the whole process is completed within 1 hour.

Cell Phone Battery Replacement

Cell phone battery is the part that gives power to the device and after a while it is necessary to maintain or replace it if necessary. At Teknoway, before the battery replacement, the battery of your device is measured and you are informed about the necessary process.

If we need to talk about battery life, the average life of lithium ion batteries is 2.5 years. This period may vary according to the frequency of filling the battery. Thanks to AAA quality battery replacement in Teknoway, your phone will regain its original performance and first day battery life. Battery replacement at Teknoway takes an average of 45 minutes.

Guaranteed Cell Phone Repair

Cell phone repairs in Teknoway have a 6-month warranty. Within 6 months, if you experience any problems, you can forward this situation to our technical service and request the problem to be resolved. In order for the replacement or repair of the part in your device to be free of charge, the problem you encounter should not be caused by use.

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