iPhone 12 Screen Repair

iPhone 12 ön cam değişimi

iPhone 12 Screen Repair

iPhone 12 Screen Replacement

The importance of smartphones in our lives is indisputable. Our phones, which are very sensitive to impacts and falls, should be repaired as soon as possible when they are damaged or broken. The need for iPhone 12 screen replacement may arise due to many different problems, such as screen cracks, screen cracks, screen loss, black spots on the screen, ink leakage on the screen, or a green line on the screen. In such a case, the screen should be replaced most of the time, and the new screen to be installed must be original. Otherwise, you may encounter more serious problems with your device that are irreversible.

When we examine the screen features of the iPhone 12, which comes with a smaller case than the iPhone 11, we see that the 6.1-inch OLED screen offers 1170 x 2532 FHD + resolution and 460 ppi density. The image quality and contrast values ​​of this display with Super Retina XDR technology, which consumes less power, are quite high. The screen with a brightness of 1200 nits also has True Tone technology, which offers high visibility under sunlight. Due to the flattening of the edges and the switch to the OLED screen, the bezel of the iPhone 12 comes a little thinner. Its notched screen offers an 86 percent screen-to-body ratio. It protects the device screen with Corning Ceramic Shield Glass, which provides four times more durability against drops and impacts.

To talk about the iPhone 12 hardware features, we see that the device is powered by the Apple A14 Bionic processor. The device hosts 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

The iPhone 12 meets technology enthusiasts with a 12 MP resolution dual camera setup on the back and a high resolution 12 MP camera on the front.
The iPhone 12 has both a fingerprint sensor and a facial recognition system as security-focused technologies. The use of both technologies on the iPhone 12, which has become increasingly important today, is very fast and practical.

Coming with the iOS 14 operating system, the iPhone 12 comes with a battery capacity of 2815 mAh. The device has 20W fast charging support, which comes with a battery that provides 17 hours of video or 65 hours of music playback. There is also a 15W wireless fast charging feature.
Screen replacement required as a result of damage to your iPhone 12 screen in TEKNOWAY is done by our expert Apple technicians with state-of-the-art professional equipment. We provide a reliable service to our customers by using original quality screens and spare parts in the iPhone 12 screen repair process. After the screen change, factors such as screen color scale density, saturation difference, touch speed and sensitivity remain in their original form.

iPhone 12 Screen Repairment

Screen replacement is one of the most important repairs of smartphones. If the iPhone 12 screen cracks, the screen is broken or comes into contact with liquid, the need for iPhone 12 screen replacement may arise.

To talk about the iPhone 12 screen replacement process; As soon as your phone reaches our technical service, Apple technicians will diagnose your device. The purpose of this procedure is to determine the repair that needs to be done and its cost.

In our TEKNOWAY service, iPhone 12 screen replacement, original screen and spare parts are made with the use of professional equipment suitable for your device. The screen replacement is completed in between 15 minutes and 1 hour and your device is ready for delivery. The service we offer for iPhone 12 screen replacement includes internal screen, front glass and touch area replacements.

There are two alternative ways to send your device to us for screen replacement. The first way is to bring your device to our service in Kadıköy, Istanbul. The other way is if you do not have the opportunity to come to the technical service, you can send your phone to TEKNOWAY with free two-way shipping from anywhere in Turkey, including Istanbul. After the repair process, we will return your device to you without any problems. You can use Yurtiçi Kargo 578 894 443 contract number for this. For devices sent by courier, screen replacement is done within 1 business day.

Is Data Deleted After Screen Replacement?

Users who will have a screen replacement may worry that the data will be deleted after the screen replacement. The data, pictures, messages, contacts and applications in your device that you send to TEKNOWAY for iPhone 12 screen replacement will not be deleted and your phone will not be reset. Because the screen is only a tool related to the image. In TEKNOWAY, only in exceptional cases, the data on your device is backed up before the screen replacement.

Before you deliver your iPhone 12 screen replacement device to our service, you can back up your data yourself, or you can ask TEKNOWAY technicians to do this for you.

Iphone 12 Screen Repair

Front Glass Replacement or Screen Replacement?

Our expert technicians, who carefully examine the devices of our customers who come with an iPhone 12 screen replacement request, make a fault finding on whether to replace the screen or replace the glass.

Because while the front glass replacement may be sufficient only for the cracks, cracks or scratches on the front glass, it is considered appropriate to replace the screen in case of problems with other features of the screen. Glass replacement processes are less costly.

Although the touch screen does not work error is a common problem, the problem can be solved without the need for a screen replacement. The touch functions of your device, which you brought to TEKNOWAY for the touch screen problem, are corrected as soon as possible and brought to the first day condition.

After iPhone 12 Screen Replacement

As TEKNOWAY, one of our primary goals is to provide fast and reliable service to our customers without sacrificing quality. Screen replacement is an important process. Our aim is to deliver your device as soon as possible without keeping you away from your phone, which has an important place in your daily life and work, for a long time.

All of the parts we replace are original parts. The damage caused by non-original parts to the devices and the associated cost can be very high. Reliable service understanding is valid in all areas of our business, so the use of original parts is one of the issues we care about.

After the screen replacement, if you encounter any problems as a result of examining your current phone, you can let us know. Details that are seen as problems or directly causing problems will be improved by us and your device will be delivered to you completely without any problems.

iPhone 12 screen replacement has a 6-month warranty. If you experience any problems within 6 months after the device is delivered to you, you can contact TEKNOWAY and request that the problem be resolved. However, in order for the replacement or repair process to be free, the current problem must not have occurred due to usage.

Finally, after the iPhone 12 screen replacement, we wear unbreakable glass as a gift to prevent damage to your screen.

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