iPhone X Front Glass Replacement

iPhone X Front Glass Replacement

iPhone X Front Glass Replacement

Can an iPhone x windshield be replaced? Yes, it can be done. There are serious differences between screen replacement and glass replacement. Screen replacement means removing a complete plate and replacing it with a new plate, is the integrated screen. Let’s say the iPhone X cell phone fell to the ground and the glass shattered. But there is an image on the screen and you can use it normally. It is unnecessary to make a complete screen replacement for this phone.


If the internal screen of the device is intact, you are lucky if there is no ink smudging, black stain, a place that does not print, dead pixels, colored lines. When looking at the screen with the naked eye, if the screen is clear, you are lucky if only the top glass has a crack. You have to take this chance well. The place where we can touch with our fingernail on the inner screen, ie the outer glass, is completely scraped off and new glass can be installed in its place. Do you know what that means? Your original screen is solid, you can continue to use your original iPhone X screen by simply replacing the glass on top. First of all, it will be very useful to continue using it with your own screen. It makes a lot of sense both economically and in terms of screen performance. It is unreasonable to install a sub-industry screen, which is not clear what it is, when you can use it with vivid colors.

 Is it Reasonable to Make it Done iPhone X Glass Replacement?

First of all, you will complete the screen replacement process with a smaller budget in terms of price, and your own screen will remain in your possession. When the glass is changed, all functions on the screen continue to work in the same way. The True Tone feature and the Face ID feature continue to work at the same  without affecting the performance. There are many options in aftermarket screens. You will not be deceived, one of the most important points is that the value of the phone does not decrease when you want to sell it. Think about it, you went to the phone store, you will sell a second-hand phone, when the teller checks the phone, when he realizes that the screen is a fake screen, he will definitely make a serious price drop. For this reason, it makes sense to only have an iPhone x front glass replacement on solid screens.

Phone Sellers Don’t Recommend iPhone X Front Glass Replacement?

Let’s say you go to a store to buy pants. If the trousers you want are out of stock, the shop assistant will show you different models to sell and offer other options. The clerk affects you by denigrating the model that is out of stock. They try to sell the ready-made pants. You went to the grocery store and asked, “Do you have a green apple?” Since he does not have a green apple, he says, “Red apple has arrived, very good try this. Green apple is not bought this season, it is not the time.” or “I did not buy it at the wholesaler, this will not be taken.” they say. “Well let’s give it, let it be red.” You said. Long story short, every seller, every institution, every person wants to sell their product. No matter what business does, it aims to sell or market the product or service. Therefore, a phone dealer without iPhone Windshield Replacement Repair Service said, “Do not have a cell phone glass replacement. Let’s install a new screen for you. This is more secure.” to you. Since the user does not understand these things very much, he decides to buy a screen replacement with the persuasion and marketing technique of the other person. Even if the glass is broken, the screen, which is intact, remains for the phone dealer. That phone shop also sells the original screen. Or by having a glass replacement, the iPhone sells it as a revised original screen. It gains a lot from this business, though it is debated what kind of gain is to cheat. However, unfortunately, such unpleasant sales can occur in the mobile phone market. In summary, companies that do not have an iPhone Glass Replacement Machine do not recommend glass replacement because they cannot do it and it is troublesome. When you look at the videos or ask the market, the screen change takes 15-20 minutes, and the glass replacement takes a minimum of 2 hours.

 How is Done the iPhone X Front Glass Replacement?

  • iPhone X screen is removed
  • Applying tapes on the iPhone x screen to prevent spills and damage to the screen.
  • iPhone X screen side trims are removed
  • The outer glass of the iPhone X screen is separated by a steel wire or by a -180 degree refrigerator.
  • After separating the screen and the glass, a chemical sprayed on the OCA that on the screen.
  • Cloth is placed over the original iPhone X screen that is intact
  • The screen, which is softened with a cloth, is set aside for cleaning
  • On-screen OCA is gently cleared manually
  • The clean screen is cleaned with chemicals again.
  • The screen is cleaned with a dry cloth and new glass is made ready for putting.
  • The screen is put on the iPhone X front glass metal mold to revise the screen
  • OCA and new windshield are deposited on the bare screen
  • It is placed on the screen and windshield printing machine together with the metal mold.
  • The machine door is closed, the required temperature and type of pressure are selected START is given
  • The presser goes down from the top and boils the new glass onto the screen by pressing on the glass.
  • It is thrown into the drum so that there are no air bubbles on the screen or there is no side lift.
  • After half an hour, the screen is taken from the boiler and the assembly is done.
  • The screen is attached to the device and the iPhone screen is tested.

Yes, not every company and every technician can make an iPhone X Windshield Replacement because this process is so laborious and challenging. Removal Fitting is as easy as buying and selling, but a windshield replacement really takes knowledge, experience, feeling, time, effort, compromise, capital, love. There are deficiencies in the order above, we haven’t even mentioned the transfer of functions such as face ID and face recognition tests. Due to the length of this to-do list, the process takes at least two hours.

During the iPhone X Front Glass Replacement will the Screen Break up?

If the screen is broken during the glass replacement process in our company, the risk belongs to us. There are enough glass replacement iPhone X Original Screen in our stock. Working with spare parts always gives us speed and advantage. Even though our technicians are trained and experienced, we, as CepMarket, are prepared for a possible breakdown. No problem for the mobile phone owner, the new screen is installed instantly. Thus, the owner of the phone continues to use his phone comfortably with all its functions. There are many sectors and jobs in the world. In fact, there are separate occupational safety rules and regulations for each class. Even when trying to replace a regular headphone, the technician takes some risks. For example, when I first wanted to make a screen change, I ripped off the screen films. I inserted long screws instead of short ones. I then plucked the iPhone 5S fingerprint reader while trying to do a battery replacement. Then, of course, I paid for all these problems I caused myself.

Will My Information Be Lost When I Have an iPhone X Windshield Replacement?

When iPhone X glass replacement or screen replacement is made, there is no data loss and your information is not deleted. Since Nand, that is, the memory part, is not touched, there is no memory loss, data loss, data loss. However, it is useful to take scheduled backups periodically. No matter what happens, if the phone falls into water, becomes unstable or otherwise becomes garbage, your contacts, which are more valuable than the phone, may be lost. Sometimes it may be impossible to reach very precious people. Because of this situation, it is important to protect contacts and personal information.

 Does Cell Phone Repair by Cargo Make Sense?

The firm that will repair the cell phone must be reliable. For the question of “How can I trust the store”, you can ask the company that will repair the phone with a stamp or picture of the shop. You can visit the store virtually by making a video call via Facetime. It is very important that you wrap the phone securely when sending it. It is important that you secure the device by wrapping it well with the bubble bag. We recommend that you write a little note inside the box. Name, surname, address, and clearly indicating the fault to be made.

 What Are the Disadvantages of Glass Replacement?

There is no risk or harm of glass replacement, screen replacement or battery replacement. No problems arise when a self-aware service makes a glass replacement or a screen replacement. Some users said, “Bubble remained after glass replacement. Air bubbles remained. Screen separated from the sides of the phone.” Customers may talk about problems like. This problem is completely related to the person or institution performing the repair. It is not a matter of glass replacement, it is a matter of the skill of the technician doing the revision. By trusting our company, you can watch our previous work on our youtube channel and have an iPhone glass replacement. We wish everyone healthy usages.



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