Discounted Screen Replacement

Discounted Screen Replacement

Discounted Screen Replacement

As Cep Market, which provides technical service with our nearly 15 years of experience and expert technicians trained in their field, we offer our customers an unmissable discount opportunity. We put safety glass as complimentarily alongside discounted and guaranteed screen replacement.

Our source of motivation is our customers.  We had complete customer satisfaction and we offered corporate service. So we be in an endeavour to offer our customers the best prices.  You can see the discounted screen replacement prices on the price list on our website.

How is Done Screen Replacement?

We are one of the well-known and sought-after companies in the sector with our quality and customer-oriented mobile phone technical service that we have provided since 2006. We replace the screens of phones such as iPhone, Samsun, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, LG, OnePlus, Realme, General Mobile and other brands.

You can entrust your device to Cep Market by relying on screen replacement, one of the most important repairs of smartphones. We do not disappoint the trust of our customers by performing the process in the fastest way in the problems such as screen cracking, screen break, screen flickering, ink flow on the screen, wiping of the image on the screen, and no image on the screen, especially problems such as screen cracking, screen breakage, and the image on the screen.

We prioritize customer satisfaction at the store that us at the Istanbul Asia side. Our service is service-friendly, solution-oriented and our aim is to solve your problem in the fastest and the least cost without sacrificing quality. The phone that reached us is firstly going through the phase of  troubleshooting and then we decide what repair is needed and lastly we do the fee setting. After receiving approval from you, we quickly start the repair process on the same day. You can watch the screen replacement process if you want, or we can honor you at our cafe on the fourth floor.

If your location is not available for bringing your device yourself, then you can send us your device with a free cargo option. It is enough to use ARAS Kargo code: 1023788446.

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After the Screen Replacement

After the screen replacement service we offer at high quality, there will be no question marks in your mind about the screen quality of your phone. In our service, the screen replacement process is completed between 15 minutes and 1 hour. Screen replacement is done meticulously by our trained and experienced technicians using original parts. Please note that you may have difficulty after screen replacement due to an incorrect operation. After screen repair in Cep Market, your phone returns to its original state and the image quality of the first day. After the screen replacement, the touch speed, sensitivity and image quality of the screen are wont different from the first day.

After the process of screen replacement you can analyze your phone as you wish and you can notify our technicians about any unsolved problem. You can notify us if you see any issue on the device. Our experienced technical service will be pleased to help you with your device.

The screen replacement has 6 months of warranty. In 6 months if you have any trouble, you can be notified to our technical service and you demand to fix it. The issue mustn’t be from user error for the fix so it can be free.

Lastly we put safety glass as a gift alongside discounted and guaranteed screen replacement for we gave regard to the job that we do and our customers.

Cell Phone Screen Replacement Video

Cell Phone Screen Replacement Prices

iPhone 134000 TL
iPhone 12 Mini3400 TL
iPhone 123300 TL
iPhone 12 Pro3500 TL
iPhone 12 Pro Max3750 TL
iPhone XS Max1699 TL
iPhone XS1099 TL
iPhone 8 Plus299 TL
iPhone 8240 TL
iPhone X1450 TL
iPhone 7250 TL
iPhone 7 Plus279 TL
Samsung Galaxy A5 (A500)450 TL
Samsung Galaxy A2 Core500 TL
Samsung Galaxy A81750 TL
Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 (A720)450 TL
Samsung Galaxy A9 2019750 TL
Samsung Galaxy XCover 4500 TL
Samsung Galaxy Note 202000 TL
Samsung Galaxy J600F600 TL
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Fan Edition1750 TL
Samsung Galaxy M51950 TL
Samsung Galaxy M31s750 TL
Samsung Galaxy A41400 TL
Samsung Galaxy A50850 TL
Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition1200 TL
Samsung Galaxy M10s400 TL
Samsung Galaxy A8S Plus750 TL
Samsung Galaxy S10e1700 TL
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite900 TL
Xiaomi Redmi 9C400 TL
Xiaomi Redmi 8A300 TL
Xiaomi Redmi 9A400 TL
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T450 TL
Xiaomi Mi 5X500 TL
Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro1200 TL
Xiaomi Mi Mix 31000 TL
Xiaomi Redmi 8250 TL
Xiaomi Pocophone F3800 TL
Xiaomi Redmi 9400 TL
Xiaomi Pocophone X3 NFC850 TL
Oppo A5s600 TL
Oppo A7600 TL
Oppo A9700 TL
Oppo A9x700 TL
Oppo AX7 32 GB299 TL
Oppo F11 Pro700 TL
Oppo F9700 TL
Oppo Find 7900 TL
Oppo Find 7a900 TL
Oppo Find X3000 TL
Huawei G8 Plus299 TL
Huawei GR3 (2017)195 TL
Huawei Honor 6C Pro299 TL
Huawei Honor 7C499 TL
Huawei Honor 7X499 TL
Huawei Honor 10999 TL
Huawei Honor Note 8999 TL
Huawei Honor 8X699 TL
Huawei Honor V8399 TL
Huawei Honor Play999 TL
Huawei Mate 10 Porsche999 TL
Huawei Mate 9 Porsche999 TL
Huawei Nova 2290 TL
Huawei Nova 3i290 TL
Huawei Nova Lite Plus349 TL
Huawei Nova Plus349 TL
Huawei P Smart Plus349 TL
Huawei P Smart Figo245 TL
Huawei P6195 TL
Huawei P8 Lite 2017249 TL
Huawei P8 Max299 TL

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