iPad Screen Replacement Kadikoy

iPad Screen Replacement Kadikoy

iPad Screen Replacement Kadıköy

iPad screens may be damaged easily because they have glass screens as the other phones, tablets and the other electronic devices. The iPad devices that are fragile to the drops and being smittens must be fixed.

iPad screen replacement prices are differ model to model. Furthermore it has to be determined what the device needs is, is it front glass replacement or screen replacement. To learn that question you can contact Cep Market, a quick and experienced technical service more than 15 years in Kadıköy. All the screen replacement processes are done by our professional Apple technicians.

iPad Screen Replacement

 Your screen has been damaged if your iPad’s screen cracked because of being smitten or crashed, if sound is right but there is obscuration on it. Your screen has been damaged also if you see on the screen little spots, dead pixels or coloration. If you see issues like these than you need to replace your iPad screen. The new screen must be the original screen definitely. Otherwise irremediable issues could occur on your device.

Screen replacement process is done by educated and expert technicians that use high technology equipment in Cep Market. iPad screen replacement process takes an average of 1 hour. We use only top-end or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) spare parts.

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You can bring your device to the Cep Market in Kadıköy. But if you are in a location that you can’t bring your device then you can send us your device by using the free cargo option from anywhere in Turkey. You can just use the ARAS Kargo contract number: 1023788446.

Screen is a tool that only displays so any data won’t be deleted. In case of any matter all the datas back-up in Cep Market.

The iPad screen replacement price is a fair price. You can call any time our Kadıköy repair service. We have all the touch-operated screen of iPad models.

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iPad Front Glass Replacement

 If your iPad’s front glass cracked for any reason, we may replace only the front glass instead of all screen so you can reduce cost reduction. For instance when if you open the iPad you can see the display but if there is no crash on the inner screen, then it is enough to replace the front glass.

During the front glass replacement it is only replace the front touch-operated glass. After the replacement process your iPad looks just like the first day.

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After the iPad Screen Replacement

 We only use the original screens on the iPad screen replacement. Otherwise irremediable issues that overcosting could occur on your device. Reliable service applies to us so we use only original spare parts in this sense.

After the screen replacement there won’t be any difference on the touch-speed, touch sensitive or screen brightness. Image quality of your device will be just like the first day.

After the screen replacement you can analyze your iPad to your heart’s desire. If you see any issue on your device you can be notice us. If there is an issue then our experienced technical service will fix it.

iPad screen replacement has 6 months of warranty. In 6 months if you have any trouble, you can be notice our technical service and you demand to fix it. The issue mustn’t be from user error for the fix so it can be free.

iPad Air 2 Screen Replacement

Apple iPad Screen Replacement Prices

Apple iPad Air399 TL
Apple iPad 2319 TL
Apple iPad 2 Mini319 TL
Apple iPad 3279 TL
Apple iPad 3 Mini349 TL
Apple iPad 4349 TL
Apple iPad Mini349 TL
Apple iPad Air 21199 TL

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