Kadıköy iPhone Screen Replacement

Kadıköy iPhone Screen Replacement

iPhone screen replacement is done with high-tech hardware developed for this process. The data on the phone is not damaged during the repair. iPhone screen replacement is done by our expert technician team. Thanks to our modern equipment, the entire repair is completed in a short time without any damage to the phones. On the contrary, the device can be damaged in low quality repairs made in less experienced services. In addition, the quality of the screen placed can cause a decrease in performance on the device.

Where is be Done iPhone Screen Replacement in Kadıköy?

iPhone screen replacement is completed within 45 minutes – 1 hour at our Kadıköy store. Our company has the capacity to meet the demands from inside and outside of Istanbul. We can make screen replacements of every model and brand. Screen replacements made by our expert units are carried out safely and quickly, and then quality control is carried out. Phones whose checks are completed are delivered to our customers immediately. You can contact our company now for iPhone screen replacement solutions.

iPhone Screen Replacement Prices Kadıköy

ModelPhone Glass ReplacementPhone Screen Replacement
Repair Time60 – 90 MINVariable Depending on Density
CargoFREEAll Turkey on Same Day Shipping
PaymentONLINECash, Credit Card, Wire Transfer and EFT
iPhone 12 ProAsk PriceAsk Price
iPhone 12 MiniAsk PriceAsk Price
iPhone 12Ask PriceAsk Price
iPhone 11 Pro Max – A2218900 TL2700 TL – Original
iPhone 11 Pro – A2215850 TL2500 TL – Original
iPhone 11 – A2221800 TL999 TL – Low quality
iPhone 11 Red ProductTL
iPhone 11 Rear Glass600 TL
iPhone X OLED799 TL – Low quality
iPhone XS MAX – A1921 , A2101 , A2102 , A2104800 TL1699 TL – Original
iPhone XS – A1920 , A2097 , A2098 , A2100600 TL1099 TL – Low quality
iPhone XR – A1984 , A2105 , A2106 , A21081599 TL – Original
iPhone X – A1865 , A1901 , A1902600 TL1450 TL – Original
799 TL – Low quality
iPhone X Rear Glass399 TL
iPhone 8 Plus – A1864 , A1897 , A1898350 TL299 TL – Low quality
iPhone 8 Plus Rear Glass399 TL
iPhone 8  – A1863 , A1905 , A1906300 TL240 TL – Low quality
iPhone 8 Rear Glass399 TL
iPhone 8 Kırmızı Rear GlassTL
iPhone 8 Plus Kırmızı Rear GlassTL
iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED™ Special Edition Rear GlassTL
iPhone 8 Plus (PRODUCT) RED™ Special Edition Rear GlassTL
iPhone 7 Plus – A1661 , A1784 , A1785250 TL279 TL – Low quality
iPhone 7 – A1660 , A1778 , A1779220 TL250 TL – Low quality
iPhone 6S Plus – A1634 , A1687 , A1699200 TL229 TL – Low quality
iPhone 6S – A1633 , A1688 , A1700190 TL200 TL – Low quality
iPhone 6 Plus – A1522 , A1524 , A1593180 TL229 TL – Low quality
iPhone 6 – A1549 , A1586 , A1589160 TL200 TL – Low quality
iPhone 5S – A1453 , A1457 , A1518 , A1528 , A1530 , A1533150 TL150 TL – Low quality
iPhone 5 – A1428 , A1429 , A1442150 TL150 TL – Low quality
iPhone 5C – A1456 , A1507 , A1516 , A1529 , A1532150 TL150 TL – Low quality
iPhone SE – A1723 , A1662 , A1724150 TL150 TL – Low quality
iPhone 4S – A1431 , A1387149 TL149 TL – Low quality
iPhone 4 – A1349 , A1332149 TL149 TL – Low quality

Our Gift to  You: A Screen Protector

After the screen replacement in Kadıköy, we present a screen protector to our customers in order to prevent re-breakage and cracking as a result of pressure that the screen may be exposed to again. Nevertheless, gaining a more sensitive usage habit is the best method to protect the screens. No brand or model has yet designed a “never damaged display technology”. Therefore, we recommend that a screen protector be used to protect the screens after each screen replacement.

The Screen Is Broken What Should I Do?

The occurrence of undesirable situations such as scratches and cracks during misuse or possible accidents makes it difficult to get efficiency from the screen. Therefore, the thing to do is to use the device carefully and not to force the screen with situations such as pressure. It is possible to have an iPhone screen replacement at highly experienced Kadıköy services such as CepMarket. In case of increased scratches or cracks, screen changes should be made to eliminate the disturbance on the screen. Our company has been replacing screens in Kadıköy since 2006.

Kadıköy Iphone Screen Replacement
Kadıköy Iphone Screen Replacement


Screen Replacement by Using Delivery Option

Prepare your cargo as shown in the video, go to ARAS Kargo branch and say the contract number 1023788446 to cargo employees and send it to us.

The repair of your device that we receive is completed on the same day and sent back.

Information for details: 0216 345 83 84

Is your phone screen broken? The business world is always in a hustle and bustle. You know, most of the time we are as busy as a bee. So what should you do if your iPhone’s screen is broken amidst all this work?

At Kadıköy CepMarket, one of the closest services to our customers, we make fast and reliable iPhone screen replacement for you. “I wonder if the products used are original? How many days will it take to repair my iPhone? Will my information, pictures, company correspondence be stolen?” You can always contact us for your questions like above.

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Where is the Closest Screen Replacement Made in Kadıköy? Is it Reliable?

Before you have to think about it, let’s say, on the same day, we change the screen, perform post-repair tests and deliver your device quickly. If you wish, come to our Kadıköy Söğütlüçeşme branch and be our guest. While you are drinking your tea, let’s make a safe screen change with you. Will my information, pictures, company correspondence be stolen? Let’s answer these questions in this way.

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