How is Replace of iPhone 12 Front Glass

How is Replace of iPhone 12 Front Glass

How is Replace of iPhone 12 Front Glass

When we take a look at the iPhone 12 that has a small frame by comparison to the iPhone 11 we see these specialities: 6.1 inch Super Retina XDR OLED screen, 1170 x 2532 resolution, 460 PPI pixel density. iPhone 12 frame is tapering because of flattened edges and an OLED screen. It offers 86% display to body ratio notched screen. It also has Ceramic Shield that the screen provides  fourfold durability to drops.

It may be damaged or crash on the glass of the iPhone 12 because of dropping, a hard push on the device, battery swelling or superheating.

Front glass replace is needed when a scratch, cleavage, or smash on iPhone 12. Customers firstly think that Apple technical services are enough for front glass replacement. But we need to say that there is no front glass replacement in the Apple services. Instead they do screen replacement beside front glass replacement as a necessity. So this way the price of Apple technical service is increase much. Instead of Apple service you always can choose the technical services that have experience and expert service to repair your phone.

We, as Cep Market, have almost 15 years of experience, can finish your phone repair with our expert and educated repairman by using original pieces and professional equipment in 2-3 hours.

iPhone 12 Front Glass Replacement

The phone that you brought us for screen or front glass replacement goes into the troubleshooting process. In this process we decide where the damage is, is it on the screen or the front glass. For instance the crashes and scratches on the front glass don’t need screen replacement, it’s just enough for front glass replacement. It may need screen replacement when the trouble in the other part of the screen. Shortly you can think that you are lucky if the iPhone front glass crashed or scratched because the front glass replacement is cheaper than the screen replacement. But in some cases to the degree of damage, it may need iPhone glass and screen replacement must be done together.

Inner screen and front glass of smartphones agglutinate each other. When the windshield on the outside of the screen is broken, we separate it from the screen by means of the machine. On the other hand, we stick the new glass to the inner screen by means of the machines. We carry out the windshield replacement of your iPhone 12 phone that came to Cep Market with original parts and professional equipment such as the Ice Machine specially developed for glass replacement by trained and experienced Apple technicians. We make no concessions on quality and the price of our service that we offer you quickly and trustable glass replacement is cheap-rate than the other Apple authorized technical service.

You can send us your device with free delivery if you can’t bring us personally, even if you live in Istanbul or other cities of Turkey. For that you can use our contract code of ARAS Kargo 1023788446. It is 1 weekday to glass replacement takes long the devices that we got by cargo.

After the iPhone 12 Front Glass Replacement

There isn’t any loss, such as touch sensation, screen quality or fingerprint reader, in the front glass replacement of iPhone in the Cep Market.

Beside that none of your datas isn’t delete or reset. Still our expert technicians back-up your datas if anything should happen before the front glass replacement process.

It may damage your phone only if put on the lowest level or thick glass. . The pieces that are used at the Cep Market are original, we don’t use the sub-industry glass. You can receive your device after the iPhone front glass replacement.

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iPhone Glass Shield Change Price List Kadikoy Istanbul

iPhone 6160 TL
iPhone 6 Plus180 TL
iPhone 6s190 TL
iPhone 6s Plus200 TL
iPhone 7220 TL
iPhone 7 Plus250 TL
iPhone 8300 TL
iPhone 8 Plus350 TL
iPhone X600 TL
iPhone XS600 TL
iPhone XS Max800 TL
iPhone SE129 TL
iPhone XR700 TL
iPhone 4149 TL
iPhone 4s149 TL
iPhone 5150 TL
iPhone 5c150 TL
iPhone 5s150 TL
iPhone 11800 TL
iPhone 11 Pro850 TL
iPhone 11 Pro Max900 TL
iPhone 12 Mini1500 TL
iPhone 121500 TL
iPhone 12 Pro1500 TL
iPhone 12 Pro Max1500 TL


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